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— Nice to meet you here.

I am Filip Zajac, a product designer, passionate contributor to the better world and hobby entrepreneur.

As a designer, I have been designing tools for digital marketers at Kentico, a product for controlling energy usage at Energomonitor and social network to rise gift economy at

One of my dreams is to change the way how type designers create fonts by developing the tools for them — Letterink.

With my friends, we have been running local design coworking office in Brno — CWRK

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People that inspires me

Bret Victor because of his inovative approach to product design.

Bill Buxton explans me the sense what the heck experience design is.

Mahatma Gandhi represents the values I want to be.

Gendun Rinpoche placed the joy of everyday stuffs on the top of all.

O CWRK jsme si povídali s Filipem a Matějem Co je CWRK a co dělá? Filip: Sme parta dizajnérov, ktorý sme sa poznali už skôr z predošlých projektov, alebo UX komunity v Brne. Spoluvytvárame prostredie, ktoré si dovoľujeme nazvať coworkom. Ale je to viac členoch než samotnom...