Designing with artificial intelligence

You might have noticed that the visual quality of my website is not the quality in my portfolio. What is the reason behind its ugliness and why am I proud of it is the nurturing of IA baby of Meet Moly the AI web designer of future.

The website is builded by the artificial intelligence called Moly for CMS Currently Moly is still very young and doesn't understand harmony very well. There are plenty of complaints around the system raised by the Grid’s customers because the results are not what they expected.

So why am I still supportive?

The campaign of the grid was quite invasive especially in times when remaketing was at its beginnings. This is something what makes people pissed off.

However, I love the idea a lot. Even as a web designer who will be inn trouble in the future because of Moly might be able to outcompete us me. But so does web templates, aren't they?

However if you are into an artificial intelligence and its capabilities a bit you'll expect that this will never happen. AI is still a machine and she will be not able to think out of her machine box. That means she will never do anything that combination of things we have her learned.

And here comes the reason why I like the idea of IA doing my job. She is going to do the repetitive and not boring stuff which is currently huge part of designers work.

Modernist movement gave us the rules and the methods how to produce good results. We use those methods repeatedly over and over again. Wast mayority of designerd’ results are repeating those rules and some minor activities are dedicated to experiments which leads to new ideas or methods.

On my website I am not interested in creating new concepts. I just wat to pur the content I create and let the Moly create a presentation that makes my content shine.

I believe that in future she will do it much better than now. Probably learn more from Tschicholds typography standards, Golden ratio or any of other harmony systems that can be learned.